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Posted 2/13/18 / Insurance Tips & Advice

Form 1095-A and Tax Credits

Q: What are Health Insurance Premium Tax Credits, Premium Tax Credits, or Advanced Premium Tax Credits? 

Tax credits (also known as health insurance premium tax credits, premium tax credits, or advanced premium tax credits) help lower the cost of your monthly health plan premium. If you qualified for tax credits, you had the option to use them in advance to lower the cost of your monthly premium, or claim them as a lump sum when filing your tax return.

If you or a household member used tax credits, you must file a federal income tax return.


Q: Who receives a 1095-A from Washington Healthplanfinder?

Customers enrolled in a Qualified Health Plan will receive a 1095-A. If you were enrolled in more than one plan during the year, you’ll get a 1095-A for each plan. Those enrolled in a so-called catastrophic health plan will not receive a 1095-A.

Customers enrolled in Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) will receive a 1095-B from the Washington State Health Care Authority. 


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