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We are your one stop resource to help you navigate through all your insurance options.  Whether you need Health Insurance for yourself, or your business, we've got you covered.  And with a dedicated staff for Individuals and Businesses you will always work with someone who specializes in your area of need.  We are knowledgeable and pro-active in our approach but that doesn't mean that we know it all.  What it does mean is that we continue to learn and educate ourselves on all insurance-related matters to that we can deliver quality service efficiently and effectively.  We will work with you individually on all the nuances that make your situation unique in order to identify the best and most affordable plan for you and/or your business.


Jeff Lindstrom

Marv Meier

Krista Dinsmore
Janessa Hoffard
Lauren Brown
Individual Lines Advisor
Frank Airey
Associate Advisor
Katie Thomas
Associate Advisor
Colleen Wharton
Operations Manager
Melanie Fisk
Senior Account Manager
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